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Monday, 02 August 2010 23:31

Working Group 4

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WG4: Management of intranet - internet websites and dissemination


The task of the WG4 will develop and manage a web site presenting the Action.

Part of the web site will be accessible only to the participants, to communicate among them and with the European Commission.

The other part will be available for public debate, to disseminate the activities and, thus, the knowledge and technology produced beyond the network.


The website will concisely and accurately present the key findings of the study and other aspects of this issue that are relevant to the general population. This will not only educate the general population of the technical, social, environmental and economic aspects of this issue but also its specific relevance to the community. This website will also serve as a forum for the organizations working within and outside the consortium. For example, any effect of a transgenic plantation needs to be discussed in the context of already existing and accepted forestry practise. If that does not happen, activities in this field will continue to operate in a “vacuum”.


An intranet will facilitate communication and information sharing among the participants and with those organisations interested in the data provided.




1. To provide a database with the main information on forest GMTs, available to the scientific community and Europe organisations (with the information provided by WG1 and WG2)

2. To update the website with science-based information for public interest in the utilization of GMTs in forest plantation and at the same time safeguarding the environment (with information provided by WG1, WG2, WG3)

3.  To update the website with information for further environmental impacts assessment to assist EU policy (with information provided by WG1, WG2, WG3)

4. To use all the information collected to identify particular topics which could be useful to develop research projects (in collaboration with WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4)

5. To summarised in a book the knowledge gained as a final output of this Action (joint publication within WGs)

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