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Training School on

“Communication – how to speak with media”

Cooperation project of COST Action FP0905 and GMO Safety


9th - 11th November 2011


Darmstadt, Germany



What does a journalist expect from me? How can I prepare for an interview? How can I present my results clearly and intelligibly and place them in a political, economic and social context? How do I deal with controversial issues?

People who research socially important subjects often find themselves in the spotlight sooner than they expect. The media are interested in competent sources, and scientists can play an important part in bringing objectivity to the public debate about plant genetic engineering.

The aim of this three-day media and communication training course is to teach participants the rules of media work and to prepare them to deal confidently with journalists.



Programme: (download)Programme PDF file

Scientific report (download)pdf

Cristina Vettori

“Introduction to COST Action FP0905 Biosafety of forest  transgenic trees: improving the scientific basis for safe tree 
development and implementation of EU policy directives”

Matthias Fladung

“Transgenic trees and field trials in Germany”,



Fabio Migliacci

“Simple steps to build a website for scientific 


Jeremy Sweet "Handling the Media - giving examples in relation to my experiences with TV, radio and newspapers"


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Thursday, 10 November 2011 10:44

Workshop | Munich | Nov. 2011


Communication Workshop – Trans-COST Action – 03th - 04th November 2011, Munich, Germany
Workshop on Value Communication of Novel Agro-technologies
IBZ (Internationales Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaften) Munich

Learning from the GM debate, it is plausible to argue that other novel biotechnological strategies are likely to be regarded as problematic risk technologies as well. If scientists only offer facts, but do not address the value laden structures of citizens´ perception as well, communication will fail. Therefore the aim of the workshop is to develop strategies for successful communication in the food sector. In order to reach this goal, we intend to invite specialists on the value-laden risk and benefit communication and provide space for the participants from the different Cost Actions to utilize the information for the development of communication strategies.

Co-organised by:
Action FA0806 “Plant virus control employing RNA-based vaccines: A novel non-transgenic strategy” (Voloudakis)
Action FA0804 “Molecular farming: plants as a production platform for high value proteins” (Oksman-Caldenty)
Action FP0905 “Biosafety of forest transgenic trees: improving the scientific basis for safe tree development and implementation of EU policy directives” (Vettori)
Action FA1006: “Plant metabolic engineering for high value Products” (Warzecha)



Charts by Roger J Busch

Charts by Roger J Busch

Consumer Behavior by Philipp Aerni

Consumer Behavior Aerni

Risk Understanding  by J. Hampel

Hampel Risk Understanding

Lost food by Guido Nicolosi

Lost food Nicolosi
Trust by Franck L.B.Meijboom
Meijboom Trust

Prevent from burning by Joachim Schiemann

Schiemann Prevent from burning














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